20 February 2013

Gameplay Revolution in MMOs

Someone had mentioned that Shadowrun would make an excellent MMO.  I agree.  I also think that most RPG systems out there could be made into an MMO.  All of that would be pretty awesome.  However, there's something about a small group playing together that makes a normal RPG much more appealing than an MMO.  Also, storyline.  But I have an idea, something that may make an MMO a little more interesting, specifically a Shadowrun-like game, than what is currently out there.

So with most MMOs, you create a character and place it in a faction and everyone in that faction, or in the gameworld as a whole, has the same quests and side quests as everyone else.  But what about throwing in a little bit of randomization?  Mix it up a little.  I really don't think it would be that hard to pull off.  Hear me out as I piece this together.  For the sake of example we'll continue using Shadowrun.

So, you create your character, be it a elven decker or an orc weapon specialist or even a dwarf fixer.  Your race and class have already set certain flags in the system as to what quests will be presented to you.  Your initial tutorial/intro quests will be pretty similar as everyone else's with the same class but ran solo.  Typical for an MMO.

After that, however, it branches off.  Those flags that you set dip into a pool of quests generated just for those flags.  Missions built for your character class/race but randomized with a series of defined lists for your level.  These missions would be available only to you, no one else.  However, you can still group up with people, friends who play other races and classes, and they'll get a share of the rewards.  This would make for a much more dynamic and social version of an MMO.  Instead of simply grinding the same old quests over and over you'd have new, fresh, different quests.  While you could do the quests solo, you may start to learn that certain types of quests would benefit from you running with an enforcer or a pair of deckers.

Perhaps add epic-level quests that pop up that require you to run with a group as it's impossible to hack a door, reprogram security drones, and fight off waves of cyberninjas all by yourself.  But if you're the rigger for the job, you can find your buddies to come run the quest with you.  I think this would make for a much better and fulfilling MMO experience.  Makes it much more personal for the player as well.

10 August 2012

Untitled Time Travel Movie

So I had a brilliant idea for a time travel comedy.  A middle-aged farmer, wasting his life in North Korea but wanting to impress his great leader, decides to build a time machine.  Certainly with a time machine the Great Leader will take over the world proper and reward the farmer with riches, freedom, and maybe some food.

As this is North Korea, and he is but a farmer, the man has NO idea what he's doing and has very limited supplies.  In the end, it's nothing more than a wooden crate with some chicken wire and various other farming implements scattered about.  One dark and stormy night he decides to give his machine a go.  He gets in, hand cranks the small light bulb thinking it's powering a great machine, sets the dial, and throws the switch.  At the same time, a bolt of lightning strikes his box, knocking him unconscious.  The heavy rains carry the sealed wooden box down the slop and into the sea.

Two days later it washes up on the shore of North Korea.  Some guy on his holiday finds the box and cracks it open.  Seeing the poor gent inside, the worst for wears, and assuming he's seeking asylum he rushes him to a hospital and claims he's his brother, just in case the North Koreans send some posting about the guy.

The farmer wakes up in the modern hospital and is awe struck.  Such technology!  It's so clean!  The city outside is full of lights and amazing machines!  It is made quite clear that he has, in fact, traveled to the future.  The rest of the movie is about the farmer exploring modern-day South Korea and trying to find his "time-machine."  The South Korean spends the movie getting him out of trouble and trying to convince him that, no, it is the year 2012 and there's no such thing as time travel.

I haven't figured out the ending yet but there we go.  Brilliant.

26 July 2012

Oh me.

Best... hand warmers... ever.

So by some suggestion I started watching an anime called Sekirei. I'm about halfway through and it's another one of those silly harem/fan service animes where one guy is surrounded by attractive girls, all who want him. More so than most, this one lends itself so heavily to the hentai category that I'm really surprised they didn't just say "fuck it" and make it one anyway. Most of the girls are overly bouncy, end up naked or at least topless a large amount of the time, and our dear hero Minato must use his DNA to activate the girls' powers. This DNA exchange happens through a kiss. Okay, innocent enough, but come on!

So, here's me and my dirty brain going... well hell, if they're not going to do it, I am. So for the past few days I've jotted down a concept similar to Sekirei, created new characters, and trying to figure in a plot of some sort. I, unlike this anime, will cross the line that begs to be crossed. Often. Messily. It'll be great fun.

I won't post it here, I like keeping this blog somewhat clean despite the absolute toxic waste dump my brain is. I may provide a link, however, should it ever actually get started. For those of you who have seen it, I'd welcome ideas or thoughts. I'm going to wager that I won't see anything from anyone as I doubt anyone reads this blog but the offer is still there. Cheers.

16 March 2012

The Most Dangerous Wap

I've come to the conclusion that the most dangerous thing that I could ever acquire would be invulnerability. The reason for this would be forcing people do deal with me and put up with my force of argument. Someone doing something I deem stupid? Smacks from a wiffle bat.

Many, many smacks from a wiffle bat. Until they decided to use their brain. And they'd have to, no other choice, because they couldn't make me go away. No amount of force or rage or artillery would stop me from smackin' with a wiffle bat. Imaging militant Islamists yelling for the death of some poor dude who tweeted that he wanted to learn from Islam but he wouldn't bow to it... having to deal with me hitting them time and again with a wiffle bat, unable to blow me up or behead me.

I would have entirely too much fun and, in the end, think I could win a Nobel Peace Prize. Too bad invulnerability is way more difficult to achieve.

18 November 2011

Game Reviews

If I had more time, weren't married, things like that I would start a video game review site called "100% Reviews."  The main point of it would be that I wouldn't review a video game until I'd completed 100% of it, or at least as close as possible while still retaining my sanity.  Some games offer way too much side stuff to be completed 100%, but you get what I mean.  That way I could take a step back, examine everything I liked, everything I didn't like, and the game as a grand whole.

On top of that, given the time it would take to get to this point it would allow the kneejerk reactions of "this game is AWESOME!!!!!11!11!!" and "OMFG THIS GAME BLOWS!!!11!11!" to be boiled away and the review to simmer to a proper flavor. I think this would make for much better, more complete review and a much more honest look at the game as a whole.

I may do this anyway, just as a side project, but it would take so long to get reviews out that I really don't know if it would be worth the effort.

03 November 2011

Character Creators

Call me crazy, and it wouldn't be the first time, but with the character customization that most games are coming with nowadays and how much people LOVE this... why has no one just released a stand-alone Character Creator? Seriously, it's a friggin' gold mine just waiting to happen. Just take all the best parts of things like City of Heroes, Soul Calibur, Saints Row, and so forth that make good character creators/modifiers and just expand on it. Let people choose from premade faces and bodies, alter them, make their own, dress them up, tattoo them, color them, so on and so forth... then be able to save their characters and export them into transparent PNGs, flash assets, what have you so they can be used or shared easily.

Add more value by releasing costume and prop packs. But make them big, themed packs, not just micro-transactions. I'd feel cheated by that and I'm sure many others would too. But seriously, a character creator. Why does this not exist yet?

17 October 2011

Cookin' Papa!

So I have this idea for a cooking show that I want to do.  Mainly I want to do it for cons live, but doing it on YouTube would be a great way to spread it around.  Cookin' Papa: Cooking with Trolls (working title) would be all about helping your average basement-dweller learn how to make quick, easy meals for themselves.

Easy enough, sure.  But as an added quirk, it would have video game elements to it.  Award viewers with XP for photos of completed recipes, attending con events, posting video responses and the like.  Use that to build up a leaderboard and, if the revenue allows, give out prizes.

I think it'd be a lot of fun.  I'd enjoy doing it and it would, over all, be pretty easy to start.  I'll just add it to yet another of my countless projects I'll never get anywhere with.

13 October 2011

That Blood

There it is, that smell again.  Do you smell it?  It's like... pennies and sulphur.  Blood, blood that's got rotten.  But it's not that, it's fresh.  The wound is fresh, the blood is wet.  Smell it if you don't believe me.  No, not like that.  Not a wiff.  Smell it.  Take it deep into your nostrils and take it apart.  Get ever bit and break it down.  Then, only then, do you know this blood.  Their blood.  You know the ones I mean.  The ones we hunt and the ones who hunt us.  Memorize that scent, feel what it does to you, how it makes your skin crawl and your nerves attached to that reptilian brain twitch.  Once you have it you'll be able to smell them out of a crowd, out of the darkness.

24 August 2011

Story Idea

Gotta get this written before distractions come in to steal it away. Should write a story were a person, possibly a few people, go onto an online auction site and stumble across something called "Quest Item." It has 0 bids, is currently going for $1 with free shipping, and has only 2 minutes left on the auction. There are no images of the item and the only description on it is "This will start your adventure. Without this all will go awry." They big, they win, they forget about it. Then one day a package comes to their house. A package with a very peculiar object inside.

And that's all I got in my head right now. What would come after that is action, adventure, drama, and romance. The things of legend that this world sorely lacks.

19 July 2011

Interesting thing about love.

Having your heart broken is one thing, and while it is sad it takes a while to get over. However, you do eventually.

But what is it when your heart is instead imprisoned behind invisible bars where you don't know where the boundaries are until you hit them? That just seems like torture or cruel and unusual punishment.

Gameplay Revolution in MMOs

Someone had mentioned that Shadowrun would make an excellent MMO.  I agree.  I also think that most RPG systems out there could be made into...