27 June 2011

Political Corruption Pt. 1

You know what makes our political system so corrupt? Or any system? Money. Money is always the key when it comes to it. And where does our system get corrupted through money? Campaign contributions.

Rich people were able to donate "campaign contributions" (a flowery word for bribe) for quite some time, telling politicians "hey, you do this for me and I'll contribute to your campaign." Now, with the new laws intact, corporations can do the same thing. And corporations have way more money than simple rich people. Beyond that, they're even more unscrupulous because they don't have to answer for what they do. Rich people can be arrested... corporations can only be sued. That only happens when the person suing has more money than the corporation and that never happens.

So how would we fix something like that? Beyond removing the corporations rights as people law, which should be done anyway? Do away with campaign contributions. Entirely. Give each candidate a set amount of government money in which to campaign with and leave it at that. Do you know what would happen then? Politicians would have to rely on their ethics and their records and the content of their character to win elections. It wouldn't be about how the guy with all the money flooded the market with his campaign ads so that no one could even remember the other guy.

Bribery is still illegal, I'm hoping, and that would make decisions based off money that much more difficult to accept. How do you think a politician would vote, then, if he knew 70% of his voting population wanted something regulated but a rich corporation wanted it free, open, and unrestricted? How would he vote then?

Maybe, just maybe, they'd start making policies that benefited and supported the people. Maybe our system would actually work then.

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