12 June 2011

This Old Home

I really need to work on this whole "secret island base" idea I have.  I was hoping to find an old missile silo that just so happened to have been located on an uninhabited island.  So far, no luck.

Funding is also an issue.  I'd like someone to just give me several million dollars but that doesn't seem too likely either.  Somehow there has to be some way to convince people that my ideas are worth the money required.  I'm sure, in time, I'd be able to return the investment.

I'll try to ponder up some plans, may even go so far as to sketch them.  Don't hold your breath, though, as my artistic talent is next to null.

Update: A few key points to make concerning why a missile silo is the ideal build. The underground layer makes it ideal for climate control and secrecy. Also, making the old silo's door into a retractable skylight would just be awesome. Imagine having an open-air nightclub right below that huge opening and, should it start to rain, just slide a glass lid over the whole thing. Light sky above but protected from the elements. Like a football stadium, but immensely cooler.

I'd also consider calling the club "Nuclear" and one of the prime requirements to getting in would be being able to pronounce the club name properly. We like smart clientele around here.

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