13 October 2011

That Blood

There it is, that smell again.  Do you smell it?  It's like... pennies and sulphur.  Blood, blood that's got rotten.  But it's not that, it's fresh.  The wound is fresh, the blood is wet.  Smell it if you don't believe me.  No, not like that.  Not a wiff.  Smell it.  Take it deep into your nostrils and take it apart.  Get ever bit and break it down.  Then, only then, do you know this blood.  Their blood.  You know the ones I mean.  The ones we hunt and the ones who hunt us.  Memorize that scent, feel what it does to you, how it makes your skin crawl and your nerves attached to that reptilian brain twitch.  Once you have it you'll be able to smell them out of a crowd, out of the darkness.

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