03 November 2011

Character Creators

Call me crazy, and it wouldn't be the first time, but with the character customization that most games are coming with nowadays and how much people LOVE this... why has no one just released a stand-alone Character Creator? Seriously, it's a friggin' gold mine just waiting to happen. Just take all the best parts of things like City of Heroes, Soul Calibur, Saints Row, and so forth that make good character creators/modifiers and just expand on it. Let people choose from premade faces and bodies, alter them, make their own, dress them up, tattoo them, color them, so on and so forth... then be able to save their characters and export them into transparent PNGs, flash assets, what have you so they can be used or shared easily.

Add more value by releasing costume and prop packs. But make them big, themed packs, not just micro-transactions. I'd feel cheated by that and I'm sure many others would too. But seriously, a character creator. Why does this not exist yet?

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