18 November 2011

Game Reviews

If I had more time, weren't married, things like that I would start a video game review site called "100% Reviews."  The main point of it would be that I wouldn't review a video game until I'd completed 100% of it, or at least as close as possible while still retaining my sanity.  Some games offer way too much side stuff to be completed 100%, but you get what I mean.  That way I could take a step back, examine everything I liked, everything I didn't like, and the game as a grand whole.

On top of that, given the time it would take to get to this point it would allow the kneejerk reactions of "this game is AWESOME!!!!!11!11!!" and "OMFG THIS GAME BLOWS!!!11!11!" to be boiled away and the review to simmer to a proper flavor. I think this would make for much better, more complete review and a much more honest look at the game as a whole.

I may do this anyway, just as a side project, but it would take so long to get reviews out that I really don't know if it would be worth the effort.

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