16 March 2012

The Most Dangerous Wap

I've come to the conclusion that the most dangerous thing that I could ever acquire would be invulnerability. The reason for this would be forcing people do deal with me and put up with my force of argument. Someone doing something I deem stupid? Smacks from a wiffle bat.

Many, many smacks from a wiffle bat. Until they decided to use their brain. And they'd have to, no other choice, because they couldn't make me go away. No amount of force or rage or artillery would stop me from smackin' with a wiffle bat. Imaging militant Islamists yelling for the death of some poor dude who tweeted that he wanted to learn from Islam but he wouldn't bow to it... having to deal with me hitting them time and again with a wiffle bat, unable to blow me up or behead me.

I would have entirely too much fun and, in the end, think I could win a Nobel Peace Prize. Too bad invulnerability is way more difficult to achieve.

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