10 August 2012

Untitled Time Travel Movie

So I had a brilliant idea for a time travel comedy.  A middle-aged farmer, wasting his life in North Korea but wanting to impress his great leader, decides to build a time machine.  Certainly with a time machine the Great Leader will take over the world proper and reward the farmer with riches, freedom, and maybe some food.

As this is North Korea, and he is but a farmer, the man has NO idea what he's doing and has very limited supplies.  In the end, it's nothing more than a wooden crate with some chicken wire and various other farming implements scattered about.  One dark and stormy night he decides to give his machine a go.  He gets in, hand cranks the small light bulb thinking it's powering a great machine, sets the dial, and throws the switch.  At the same time, a bolt of lightning strikes his box, knocking him unconscious.  The heavy rains carry the sealed wooden box down the slop and into the sea.

Two days later it washes up on the shore of North Korea.  Some guy on his holiday finds the box and cracks it open.  Seeing the poor gent inside, the worst for wears, and assuming he's seeking asylum he rushes him to a hospital and claims he's his brother, just in case the North Koreans send some posting about the guy.

The farmer wakes up in the modern hospital and is awe struck.  Such technology!  It's so clean!  The city outside is full of lights and amazing machines!  It is made quite clear that he has, in fact, traveled to the future.  The rest of the movie is about the farmer exploring modern-day South Korea and trying to find his "time-machine."  The South Korean spends the movie getting him out of trouble and trying to convince him that, no, it is the year 2012 and there's no such thing as time travel.

I haven't figured out the ending yet but there we go.  Brilliant.

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